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Research Projects

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Social science offers innovative ideas for decreasing hostility and animus between rival groups, as well as promoting disadvantaged groups that face institutional discrimination. My program of research aims to develop and experimentally test programmatic field interventions that have long lasting effects on individual and collective behavior. I am particularly interested in developing interventions that promote Palestinian students during their studies at the Hebrew University. 

Prejudice Reduction

Emotion & Social Justice

The belief that negative emotions can benefit social causes transcends academic research. History is filled with voices calling for members of marginalized groups to embrace and express their emotions -- from Israeli Ethiopians protesting police violence, to women marching across the globe to stop sexual violence. My research focuses on the consequences of expressing emotions for disadvantaged groups. How are their emotions received by advantaged group members? Do they gain status and respect or are they ridiculed? Can they effectively deter unjust behaviors or are they met with anger and violence?  

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fear children hand cover face, imprison,

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a global health problem, affecting millions of people, especially women, every day. The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 3 women experiences physical or sexual violence in their lifetime (WHO, 2013). My current program or research focuses on primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies to combat violence. I’m particularly interested in developing and testing new approaches to combat sexual violence that will have long-lasting behavioral effects. 

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